Digital Maps Are Ideal For Town Planners

Maps are crucial in the modern-day age where location is everything. Lots of companies have folded in the past due to the fact that they were just not placed in a location that was suitable or did not have enough customers in order to survive. Town planning is all about using maps to assemble the type of neighbourhood that is going to grow both in the short and the long term. Let’s take a look at why it is very important to make use of digital maps for town planning and how they can affect the success of a business.


It is always about convenience and digital maps can illustrate the best position to set up a business. It is about making sure that everything is easy to get to and has good transport links so that the local community can make use of all facilities. There are lots of institutions and companies that can position themselves far away and can just be driven to. This can cut the revenues in half due to the fact that the majority of the customers who were going to be coming in don’t have cars. It is pertinent to be positioned in a location where there is good transport links.


It all depends upon the type of business you have, for instance, if you provide goods and services that require large numbers of footfall through the door, then you absolutely need to be in a prime position where people can reach you. If however, you run an ecommerce store where people buy goods from you via the internet, you could choose a location that’s a bit more remote because you are not depending on actual visitors.


Town planners now make use of digital maps in order to build upon the existing facilities and this should make it easier for businesses to choose a location that suits their requirements.

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Birdwatching Hotspots in Colombia

Being home to 1,889 types of birds or about 20% of all bird species in the world, Colombia is without question a birdwatcher’s paradise! If you’re traveling around the world simply to birdwatch, Colombia should be at the top of your list! Below is a list of the most popular birding destinations in the country.


The largest concentrations of birds in Colombia can be found in the following places: Choco, Colombian Amazon, Valle del Cauca, Coffee Region and Llanos Orientales. These places are but a few of the many birding destinations in Colombia. If you happen to be in Bogota and don’t want to get too far just to birdwatch, head to La Conejera. Visit wanderingtrader Bogota for more info.


71 bird species are endemic and 197 types of migratory birds have taken a liking to Colombia and as such, often stay longer than other birds.