<p>There are lot of ways you can celebrate good moments with your loved ones, but one thing that is always a unique and refreshing experience it go out at a fine dining restaurant and enjoy some moments of leisure. A romantic dinner if your spouse, your significant other, or someone you love with kitchen fresh food served in front of you. What more can you ask for besides that?</p><p>Do you think you also crave those good fine dining experiences? Do you wish that you can get all things at one place such as a good restaurant, home like food that is fresh, healthy and nutritious? Do you crave the drinks from a bar? Well holds all of the answers that you seek.</p><p>The thing about George and dragon is that they were established back in 16th century and they have alot of hotels near Andover.&nbsp;So you get a history experience without losing touch from the present. The restaurant and bar has undergone renovations that took about a year. So you can be sure that the changes that were made were surely worth it. However the taste and quality still remains the same. This is something that seems hard to believe at first, but once you visit the place yourself, you realize that all of that was true and indeed it is one unique and thrilling experience.</p><p>If you want drinks, then the bar will offer you unique drinks that are brewed to perfection. HBT village ale, homemade ale, whatever you need, we have it all.</p>

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