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Malpractices in Sri Lanka Cricket Board

Arjuna Ranatunga, former Sri Lanka captain of cricket team has led a protest against the corruption in cricket management in Sri Lanka. He said the public will have to take initiative in order get a grip on the mounting chaos in cricket matters in Sri Lanka.  To launch a protest against the ill practices that are in cricket board is a first step that would cajole public to know about the actual matters. The news was also broadcast on Live PTV Sports  and it reminded the ill practices taking place in Pakistan cricket.

He said ‘’the more the government involves in such matter the more corruption creeps in.’’ The government has failed badly to manage the cricket issues. This is evident from the fact that the government got indebted by $69 million when it co-hosted the Cricket World Cup along with Bangladesh and India. He stated that it was strange that the cricket board became bank-corrupt but government did not take this issue seriously. This fact shows very well that how much the government has concern for flourishing cricket in country. The situation of Sri Lanka cricket board is not different from the Pakistan Cricket board as stated on PTV Sports Live Cricket.

Therefore the government should get away from cricket matters and only ensures the fair election of management committee.


Ranatunga further criticised the government that they have politicised the institution of cricket through the appointment of cricket committees. These committees are comprised of corrupt officials who use every trick to make money from the cricket matters. It was a great interview that is available on PTV Sports Streaming .

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