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Of course the first three piles had to go

Watching one of my most favorite movies last night I noticed how many useless cloths the women had in the closet, then a dreadful feeling rolled over me as i realized…., that is me! I was so stunned I didn’t move for , it felt like twenty minutes. So i decided I needed to do something about it.  I made five piles.

Things that were to raggedy to even give away
Items I could donate to a charity or friends
The cloths to small for me to get into at the moment
My favorite cloths that need to be sowed or buttons put on
Finally the cloths I love the most that makes my heart feel good when wearing them

Of course the first three piles had to go. I had to get rid of the skinny cloths as well, because they were invoking bad feelings when I looked at them. So once I got all that out of the way I began to wonder what else I had that was just a waste sitting around.

I have been trying to lighten my skin color for a few years now with no luck. I have tons of Skin Lightening products laying around that do not work. So I decided to throw them out, yes.. it was like throwing money out the window, but they didn’t work and like the skinny cloths were invoking bad feelings. After I got rid of those products I decided to take a look and see what was out there for Skin whitening.



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Elektronik Sigara