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Similarities and differences between french and english

English and French are two very similar languages. The similarity in pronunciation is as a result of word borrowing between the two languages. There are numerous words that are used in French and are also used in English, with the most common example being façade, café, silence and many others. The historical interactions of the two countries is largely to blame for the similarity between the languages. France and England have a history that is similar because of the interactions between the two people. In during the Plantagenet dynasty of England the English kings had vast lands in France which were bestowed upon the name of the Angevin empire. If you speak English and you want to learn how to converse in French it will be easy for you because of these similarities. However it is important to note that there are some differences between the two languages. For instance the French language has a numerous quotations marks more than those used in the English language. There are also differences in the pronunciation. For example if you are asking should the word silence be pronounced the same in English and French, well the answer is no. There is the French pronunciation of the word and there is the English pronunciation. There are other words that are spelled and pronounced similarly in both languages, a prime example of such words is façade on websites such as shouldthe.com you can get the correct spellings of different French and English words. The latter is a word used to refer to the front part of the entrance of any large residential house. In both English and French the word is pronounced and spelled in the same way. There are other many words that are controversial in the English and French languages because of their differences.

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